Reviews Dove Cremation & Funeral Service

Very pleased. In our time of sorrow they listened and really helped us with suggestions. They worked and they took care of so much. Took a lot of burden off. It was so great. Was very happy and pleased. 

~ Sherry   D. - 5/26/2017

I will never forget the love and care you showed all of us. 

~ Jennifer   W. - 4/24/2017

Having my momma for nearly 60 years of my life- her being so interwoven into the very fabric of my life- makes this loss so incredibly difficult for me. Your personnel helped my family and me begin this transitional period to our new normal. I'll never be bale to completely express our appreciation. Thank you so much. Pat- walked us through every step- we always believed we were in good hands. Peggy- warm, welcoming, concerned- very lovely to us always! 

~ Kim   C. - 4/24/2017

This was my first experience with the cremation process. I was so touched by how everyone was so knowledgeable and caring. Melanie and Peggy couldn't have been nicer and more caring. They helped all of us get through this sad time. 

~ Evelyn   H. - 4/24/2017

I would like to thank Melanie Beaman for being understanding through this difficult time. And Peggy Oster for doing a great job on the video. 

~ Kristy   D. - 3/29/2017

Very pleased with the service Aaron provided. Extremely satisfied. Thanks so much. 

~ Cory   L. - 3/22/2017

I was very pleased in all aspects. Can't think of any suggested improvements. Aaron and Peggy both seemed very caring and willing to go that extra mile to get things done in a timely matter. 

~ Peggy   W. - 3/21/2017

[Topeka] We felt that we received excellent service. We were treated with courtesy and sensitivity. Everything was taken care of per our request. 

~ Don   M. - 2/21/2017

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