Reviews Dove Cremation & Funeral Service

The staff was very pleasant and caring. They listened, answered questions- fabulous group! 

~ Linda   C. - 9/19/2017

Dove did a wonderful job with everything. The one thing I am so grateful for is how my husband looked. You all did a great job on him. He looked so peaceful, like he was just sleeping. That did my heart a lot of good. Melanie was the one who took care of everything. She is so nice and did a wonderful job taking care of us. 

~ Amy   S. - 8/23/2017

Everyone we talked to were all friendly and made us feel comfortable. Everyone! Heather was very helpful and pleasant. A+ for her. 

~ Marilyn   E. - 8/23/2017

My wife and I were very pleased with Aaron's thoughtfulness and sincere assistance during our time of need. Wonderful person! 

~ Bob   A. - 8/23/2017

Everything was beautifully handled. Everyone of the staff was outstanding. 

~ Steve   C. - 8/23/2017

Matha Aponte was very professional, courteous, caring and attended to all our needs and questions/concerns. 

~ Chuck   M. - 7/18/2017

Outstanding service and concern about family matters and arrangements were beyond excellent. Martha was outstanding in everything she did, and went over everything with us. Very commendable for what was done at the memorial service. 

~ Francis   K. - 7/18/2017

Very pleased. In our time of sorrow they listened and really helped us with suggestions. They worked and they took care of so much. Took a lot of burden off. It was so great. Was very happy and pleased. 

~ Sherry   D. - 5/26/2017

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