7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Life This Summer

The sun is shining, birds are chirping and flowers are in full bloom. Don't sit around this summer, get out and enjoy life. Here are a few ways to make the most out of your summer. 

1. Start a new summer tradition.
Make summer different from the rest of the year by establishing summer traditions.  Grill out on Saturday evenings, create a build-your-own ice cream sundae bar on Sundays, go for an evening swim once a week, take an early morning stroll once a week or have scheduled outdoor movie nights. No matter what tradition you decide, stick to it, make it fun and make memories with your family. 

2. Head outdoors.
Have an afternoon tea, lemonade or mid-day snack. 
Find a coffee shop with seating outside or a nearby park. If you can and it’s not too hot, lay a blanket out or hammock and take a nap while enjoying the warm rays. 

3. Create a Butterfly Garden
Create a beautiful summer oasis in your backyard by creating a butterfly garden in your yard by choosing butterfly-friendly plants. Here’s a handy list of plants that attract butterflies.

4. Learn to bake a peach cobbler. 
Nothing screams summer like fresh peaches. See an easy take on the classic southern dessert here

5. Watch the sunset with a cold drink in your hand. 
Ice cold lemonade plus a beautiful summer sunset equals a match made in summer heaven. There are so many variations of the refreshing classic drink, try a new recipe this summer with one of these homemade lemonade recipes.

6. Catch fireflies. 
Fireflies move slowly and are easy to trap in a jar.  Punch a few holes in the lid of a mason jar, add a pinch of grass and a piece of fruit for moisture. Admire your pretty night-lights till bedtime, then let them go.

7. Don't run on "full steam" all summer.  
If you take on lots of responsibilities, give yourself a “summer break” by letting one of them go for the summer or at least part of the summer. You could consider taking a month off from one of your duties like a civic/community group or church group. Choose something that takes up a lot of your energy and replace that thing with spending more time with family or taking the time to do something relaxing for yourself.